Gemma Collins’ Weight Loss Journey

gemma collins weight loss

Gemma Collins’ Weight Loss Journey

Gemma Collins has successfully shed three stone over the course of one year by changing her eating and exercise habits. She’s been candid about her weight loss journey, which she documents on Instagram stories for her fans to follow along on the journey.

She’s been successful in maintaining her weight loss goals thanks to hard work and being honest with her fans along the way. Additionally, Skinny Jabs appetite suppressant injections have been helping her reach those milestones as well.

Weight Loss

Gemma Collins has long been a fan favorite and recently shared her success in losing weight through an improved lifestyle and strict diet. Her weight loss journey began while on Dancing On Ice where she burned 1,000 calories daily through training and hired a personal trainer to assist with the process.

In addition to exercising, she has also adopted vegan foods into her diet. This has enabled her to shed pounds as she avoids foods with excessive amounts of saturated fats and carbohydrates.

She hopes to reach size 16 before her upcoming wedding, and shed those last few pounds so she feels her best on the big day with fiance Rami Hawash by her side.

She’s determined to create her ideal wedding look, and has already reserved the ideal venue. According to Closer magazine, 41 year old has secured one of Showbiz’s premier locations for their big day and plans to make it a truly unforgettable moment in her life.

Gemma has been showing her fans more of her happy and healthy side lately, including an endearing video featuring her nephew who she shares with fiance Rami Hawash. In it, Gemma shared a dancing TikTok of herself wearing cozy animal print pajamas without makeup – to which her fans showered her with love.

The video was viewed over 2 million times on Instagram, with many people commenting about how cute the two looked together. The GC also has her own YouTube channel where she regularly shares entertaining content.

One of her recent videos features her having a great time dancing and singing with her nephew. This video has been viewed over 2 million times on Instagram, with supportive words of encouragement from many of her fans.

The former TOWIE star is a staunch supporter of body positivity and has worked to spread the message that being fat does not define you. She promises never to feel sorry for herself again and to continue sharing positive messages on social media platforms.


Exercise is a critical element of any weight loss program. Not only does it make you feel more energetic, but exercise also benefits your overall health. It may aid with chronic conditions like heart disease or diabetes; lower the risk of cancer, reduce pain levels, improve insulin sensitivity and blood sugar control; promote better mobility; as well as enhance mental clarity. Exercise also contributes to weight loss through decreased stress levels.

According to the American Council on Exercise, finding activities you enjoy doing is key. Examples include walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, dancing and using fitness machines. It may also be beneficial to work out with a partner or friend who can keep you motivated and accountable.

Gemma Collins recently shed three stone and attributes the change to her new healthy lifestyle. In a workout video in her garden, the TOWIE star flaunted her toned physique dressed in black leggings and pulling up her top to reveal an impressive mid-drift – something she wouldn’t have done just a few weeks prior!

To finance her weight loss journey, Collins began selling her old clothes on Depop – the popular secondhand clothing website. According to reports, she has sold over 4,000 pieces of clothing since beginning her weight loss journey.

The GC has been chronicling her intense workout regiments on Instagram, posting videos of herself working out with a personal trainer. This week, The GC displayed her toned physique when she headed to the Dorchester Hotel in London for an evening with friends.

It’s no secret that the General has battled with her weight throughout life. To combat this, she loves strength training and incorporates weights into her exercises – something she proudly displays on Instagram page where she even posted a video of herself swinging a hand weight up and down outside!

Despite her difficulties, she still follows a healthy diet and strives to improve her fitness level. Her fiance Rami Hawesh has also helped her stay motivated with workouts by encouraging her regularly.


If you’re trying to shed pounds, a diet is one of the best solutions. It could be as simple as changing up your lifestyle or using an approved diet plan by your physician. Diets may only provide temporary restrictions on what food and drinks you consume; however, they also help ensure long-lasting weight loss success.

Losing weight requires burning more calories than you consume. This requires working out regularly and restricting food intake. Getting enough sleep is also essential when trying to shed some pounds; getting sufficient rest helps your body maintain its energy level and reduce stress levels.

Many people struggle with their weight, often resorting to food as a form of self-medication or bingeing. This may be due to mental health issues like depression or anxiety. In addition to diet, it’s essential to take care of your emotional wellbeing and stress levels as well. Staying positive and motivated are essential for achieving goals in this arena.

People looking to shed some pounds may want to consider taking appetite suppressants. These drugs suppress hunger, leading to weight loss. Unfortunately, not everyone finds these treatments beneficial; some can cause side effects such as dizziness, insomnia or digestive issues; therefore it’s essential that you consult a doctor before beginning any treatment plan.

Another option is to try a fasting diet. This involves restricting your calorie intake to 14 hours daily and eating only when you feel most active. While this can be challenging, it has proven successful at helping individuals shed pounds.

Furthermore, it’s essential to drink enough water daily. Staying hydrated helps avoid cravings for sugary or fattening foods, while drinking water also helps you feel satiated.

Eating a balanced diet that includes lean meats, fruits and vegetables in your daily meal plans is essential for weight loss success.


Weight loss injections are a popular way to shed those extra pounds. While they can help suppress appetites and curb hunger cravings that could otherwise lead to overeating, weight loss injections should never replace diet and exercise; maintaining a healthy, moderate weight remains your responsibility.

Weight loss injections can be effective for some individuals, but it isn’t the ideal solution for everyone. They may cause discomfort and serious side effects if used incorrectly, so always seek professional medical advice prior to beginning any weight loss procedure.

Injections can also be used to target specific areas on the body and help reduce fat in those places, such as the chin or abdomen, love handles or muffin tops, and extra skin on the arms.

Some people opt for fat dissolving injections such as Kybella or Aqualyx to reduce unwanted body fat deposits that are not visible. Although these treatments may be helpful, they should only be used as a cosmetic measure and not replace diet and exercise altogether.

Though the FDA has recently approved two different fat dissolving injections, these aren’t the only treatments available. A non-surgical option known as liposuction also exists.

Lipotrolithide (Saxenda) is an injectable medication that has been scientifically proven to provide positive outcomes when taken in combination with diet and physical activity. Usually prescribed by a doctor, this drug may cause low blood sugar, nausea, diarrhoea, constipation or stomach discomfort.

Appetite-suppressant drugs are another viable option for those looking to shed some pounds, and when combined with a nutritious diet and regular exercise, can be quite successful. While some of these drugs may help you reach your weight goals more rapidly, they may also cause unpleasant side effects such as vomiting, dizziness or insomnia.

These injections can be beneficial to both men and women alike; however, the effects are typically more noticeable among female users. Through these injections, you may reduce calorie consumption while increasing metabolism.

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